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With the growing schools and colleges in Noida and the surrounding areas a need for a knowledge house is inevitable and what is a better knowledge house than a public library. Noida has many libraries but the best library remains the Public Library Noida.

This public library is managed by an NGO and is in Library in Sector 10. Noida. It was formed by residents in 2012 and is expanding day by day. The library was small and only had a little book but now over the years it has become a storehouse for books for students to refer, it stores more than 50,000 books and the members are in a few hundred, so instead of throwing away your book next time, please donate it to the public library.

The library is open on all days and is closed on Sunday. It is the favorite place for bookworms and also for students who are preparing for the IAS and other competitive exams. It is open 15 hours every day starting at 7 AM. Not just books the library also provides computer education, meditation and other classes for free or a very nominal charge.



“At least six students who come here for reference work are currently preparing for the civil services exam. Some others are preparing for MBA entrances or other examinations. Over the years, the library has become a support for students who can’t afford expensive study material. We are still growing and wish to reach out to more and more students in the future,” Mahesh Saxena, the founder of the NGO and the library, said.

The library is built on the premises of an old school premise now falls under the administration of the Noida Authority, though it is managed by Study Space. “We have six honorary employees, who serve here at a nominal remuneration. They are all dedicated people and devote a lot of time and effort for the upkeep of the library,” Saxena said.

“Membership fees are very low. A lifetime membership comes at only Rs 2000 while annual membership charge is Rs 250. People can also take a day slip of Rs10 and browse books” the librarian in charge, Suman Dhingra, said.

“We are now slowly modernizing our library. We may get computers and we would slowly computerize the library database. It’s a long journey ahead, but we are working on it every day,” Dhingra added.

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