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From youth to maturity, every age group is involved in gathering more and more information, depending upon their need. Like in early age, children interact with alphabets, letter, and images.When they start going to school, they feel like interacting with more facts.Similarly, in higher studies and professional age, the urge to interact with facts and knowledge keeps on increasing. To have access to more information, one needs to read books, magazines, case study, reports and others important sources. Now the main question is where should the readers go to collect maximum valuable information? The one and only answer are that readers will have to search for a library nearby. Here at Study space, one can have access to all the libraries near them just by one click. Just enter your location and you are good to go.You will then have in front of your list of all the libraries near you. Also if you need space for group study, we have the facility to provide you Study Space Library membership too.

Types of Library

As concerned with types of the library according to the need, it is classified into four different parts. All parts describe its own meaning.
o Academic libraries – This type of library is generally located near educational centers like college and university campuses. This is helpful for both student and faculty.
o Children’s libraries-As the name goes, this type of library is for the specific age of readers. Here reading facility is only for juvenile readers and usually kept in separate rooms of study and reading.
o National libraries-This type of library does not provide access to reading and study in the library for general mass. A national library rarely allows citizens to borrow books.
o Public lending libraries-This type of library provides a complete reading and study services to general people. This kind of library is highly popular among all age groups.
Apart from these kinds, there are also various types of the library such as research libraries, reference libraries, special libraries etc.

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